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Manufacturing – Process

Thank you for evaluating SAP Business one as your preferred ERP for for your organisation.

Batch management is a Key to Process manufacturing industry. The batches are required to be tracked from the point of purchase to production and consumption. The inventory valuation is also based on the batches. Batch costing can be made available at click of a button

Also, Packaging, Subcontracting, Production planning, Multi Location & Material requirement planning, Damaged stock management & Reprocessing are a few key areas for this industry

If you are facing issues in your business which is hampering growth and margins such as

      • Different Software for Different Processes.

      • Don’t Have Easy Access to Information About Your Business

      • Accounting Takes Longer and Is More Difficult

      • Sales and the Customer Experience Are Suffering

      • Your IT Is Too Complex and Time-Consuming

SAP business one is a one stop shop for integrating your various functions acroos your business and leveraging your business to the next level of success

 Experience it now and get amazed

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